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    5 Reasons why Benefit Corporations are the Future

    I remember very well some years back while I attended a class on business management in Europe, the training leader was talking about how to build a profitable activity. Wanting to reduce any possible objections from the group he added ” we are not here to save the little birds…”. He felt a need to state that business is not here to save the planet and that we should be fine with it, like if there was no other options. I remember my natural contraction at the time and the fact that I could not take anything from that serious-looking-guy really seriously. “Work is Love made visible” Khalil Gibran…
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    How To Reach Optimal Health in 5 Steps

    Our medical system, isolated in its scientific materialism, has mostly limited the perception and understanding of health to the observable physical level. Its symptom-based approach rather than a holistic preventive approach, fails to answer the questions and the expectation of the serious seeker of truth.
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