Expedition, what is waiting for you beyond all you know?

Travel is a way to discover the self. Done with awareness, it removes the anchor with the familiar, breaks the habits, transcends the usual. Travel brings you to see the only unchanging parameter, the observing Self.

Whether it is the first time or not, a journey in the Himalaya is always a journey of a lifetime.

You are invited to a journey unlike any other. We will dive in the inner world, where the greatness and majesty of the Himalaya reflects the greatness and majesty that dwells inside of the real you.

This extraordinary journey is far beyond anything offered by tour guides or travel agents because we travel the unchartered landscape of the soul and spirit.

The Himalaya brings the inspiration and awe, setting the perfect resonance for the encounter to unfold. The trekking keeps the energy flowing and gives cadence to our step as we dive in the heart of the Universe.

The air is thin and the heart beats strong above 4000 m (13,000 feet), yet when the mind gets into the rhythm of mantra and the legs seem to walk alone, you become aware of a presence within, you are being walked.

It is endless, an immense energy is flowing through, you become unstoppable. The realisation can be so powerful and intimidating, until you realise this force is working for your highest benefit. As we go deeper in the journey you will learn to use the force, not only physically but also for intuition, for direction, for living with purpose.

After the encounter you will see the world through a new eye, you will understand the universal laws that you have been living with until now. They will become your friends, they will support you because they brought you here and have been talking to you all along. Now you know how to listen and how to act. Your faith in yourself and the universe is restored. Your gaze is firm and your heart steady, just by looking into someone’s eye they will know you and recognize something of themselves in you.

This tailor-made one on one journey will take place in the Sagarmatha (Mount Everest) National Park in Nepal. It is a total immersion into the most magnificent nature, beyond all modern means (no road and no network), it has no fixed itinerary and will require complete surrender to the process and your full commitment.

Three weeks availability required for this priceless and unparalleled reunion with the Real YOU!  Be available for dates in March/April or October/November.  Logistical support is cared for by one of the most reputable trekking companies in Nepal.  If finances are a concern for you, don't apply.  You will find trekking options in the area of Nepal cheaper elsewhere.

I guided my first group at age 14.  Since then, I have traveled in 5 continents and over 30 countries, safely guiding people in places where few others venture. I can accompany your personal journey in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish).

This unprecedented journey of exception is for the courageous soul who is ready to move beyond personal boundaries to meet true power and rise to even greater heights.


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