Conscious Corporate Coaching

This coaching program is for innovators who want to make history by leaving the world a better place

Do you feel limitations?  As a manager do you feel constantly limited by the boundaries of your current organisation? Do you feel frustrated at times knowing much more is possible? Do you feel unmotivated and uninspired by the way you work? Do you feel that your organisation could be much more efficient and that something new and different is possible? Do you feel that you are stuck in an old way of doing things, that you have tried all kinds of solutions and yet you do not see clearly what is not working?

Empowered Organisation  How would it feel to work in an empowered organisation where people relate in authentic and friendly way and yet are incredibly efficient and productive? How would it feel to replace sterile meeting time by inspiring connections between motivated people looking in the same direction leading to mind blowing results?

A New Leadership Model  In this coaching program we share a new model of leadership. It is the new paradigm, the next step in the evolution of consciousness for organisation and businesses. By helping managers to tap into an infinite resource that is the field of the emerging future*, this coaching program enables manager to bypass the traditional ego-related-problems. This coaching program is for innovators who want to make a difference in the world and for companies oriented towards the benefit of the whole more than the competition of the parts. It is for businesses aiming to fully implement a triple bottom line: planet, people, profit.

Evolution of Leadership  Organisation leadership has evolved over the years and we are now entering a new paradigm. This coaching program empowers manager to learn to operate in the emerging managerial paradigm, with a new managerial framework that awakens and empowers all members of an organisation to unleash their maximum potential leading the organisation to naturally thrive. It is more than just a new tool, it is a mindset that will tap into the deep intelligence of the universe and give birth to the next evolutionary entrepreneurial and societal paradigm.

“ We cannot solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it” -Albert Einstein

We need to shift from the mindset of the past that has brought us here. We must bypass the filters, the habits, the patterns, the fears and limitations that we have gathered if we want to address today’s issues free from the limitation of the past. We need a major shift in our leadership paradigm. 

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The field of the Emerging Future is a term coined by MIT senior lecturer Otto Scharmer and co-author of the book "Leading from the Emerging Future", from Ego-System to Eco-System Economies.



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