By age 22, I had been kicked out of my program at a French Engineering School after organizing a student rebellion. This gave me the impetus to make my first journey to Africa, which modified the course of my life. This experience changed my worldview and I was drawn to work in developing countries. Over the next 20 years, I dedicated the majority of my time to Karma yoga in Africa, America and Asia, in an attempt to leave the world a better place. In that time, I also earned a postgraduate degree of political science and international development from La Sorbonne University.

At the start of my two decades working in developing countries, I was guiding adventure tours in the Sahara. I began relief work with the organisation “Médecins Sans Frontières” as a volunteer in Uganda and by the time I finished with MSF I was the Head of Missions in El Salvador.   In the United Nations system, my duties spanned 3 continents and ranged from free-lance consulting to senior level project manager.  In fact, it was my work with the UN that first brought me to India, a culture which would come to have a profound effect on my way of life.

Through these challenging years in war torn places like Yugoslavia and Sudan, I developed a deep love for life and a profound inner peace. I learned to transcend my inner fire and to cultivate stillness and solitude. I now find infinite energy and inspiration in wild untamed nature.

I studied the Japanese martial art of aikido and Zen meditation from 1998 to 2007. My passion for Yoga developed during a 5-year work assignment in India.  I certified as Yoga instructor from YogaLife (India -2007), from Inspya (Australia - 2008) and from Yogayantra (China - 2010).  I was a student of the German Indologist Georg Feuerstein from 2009 to 2012 studying the history, literature and philosophy of Yoga with emphasis on the Patanjali Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita.  For 2 years I studied Ayurveda with the American Institute of Vedic studies, under the guidance of Dr. David Frawley, where I qualified as “Yoga and Ayurveda Health Educator”.  I am a certified PEAT processor, a powerful self-development technique developed by Serbian clinical psychologist Zivorad M. Slavinski.  Finally, yet importantly, I am empowered by Swami Vivekananda Sarasvati, the spiritual head of Agama Yoga, to teach traditional Tantra.  In 2014, I was hired by Agama Yoga to coordinate the production of course materials for the school's Tantra teacher trainings.

Many teachers have shaped my practical knowledge and the transformational experiences my practice has led me through. I have also studied Qi Gong, Holistic Nutrition, Vedic Astrology and Thai Massage bodywork.  I am known for my down-to-earth approach, a good sense of humour, a lot of passion and a deeply inspiring quality.

In 2008, I founded the school Yogi-Nomad where since I have guided hundreds of students to become yoga teachers at trainings in India & Nepal.  I give utmost importance to individual attention so students maximize and develop their own approach to practice and teaching.  My trainings place emphasis on incorporating energy work, meditation, and the development of intuition. I specialize in identifying and clearing individual energy blockages to enable the practitioner to go beyond what they think is possible.  I motivate my students to take their yoga practice to new frontiers of understanding and translate the findings into life as a whole, like developing a new vision of the world, a new way of life, or a new way of working.

Today, I work with a highly curated clientele on an individual basis to bring creativity and evolution through Transformational Journeys, Yoga Intensives, Assisted Meditation, Life Coaching, and Corporate Consulting, which you will find more about in the pages that follow.

The breadth and depth of my worldly experience and understanding of Yoga makes me a natural guide to explore the remote places where only a few people have reached.

I speak fluently French, English and Spanish and am a student of Sanskrit.

I am registered with Yoga Alliance since 2007. I am E-RYT 500 and Co-founder and Program Director of the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School “Yogi-nomad” since 2010.

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