FAQ about Darkness Meditation

In the womb of Darkness (part III): 

What is happening during a darkness Meditation

During short session of Darkness Meditation we provide a blindfold that allow you to stay open eye in the dark, during longer sessions we meet in a complete dark room (no blindfold is necessary). We alternate inspiring music, silence and guided meditation and use movement and breath to create powerful experiences altering the brain chemistry in a very safe natural way.


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10 Reasons You Should Be Meditating in the Dark

In the womb of Darkness (Part II)

What is a darkness meditation?
    By using a specific blindfold that allows us to stay in darkness with open eyes and carefully controlling sound, we remove over 80% of the sensorial input usually processed by the mind. The specific experience created allows the mind to quickly quiet down and experience deep relaxation conducive to many benefits.


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In the womb of Darkness (part I)

Describing a darkness retreat is a challenge, the more the space fills up with words the further away I am from the experience. Experiencing darkness is experiencing nothingness, and yet full-ness at the same time


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5 Reasons why Benefit Corporations are the Future

I remember very well some years back while I attended a class on business management in Europe, the training leader was talking about how to build a profitable activity. Wanting to reduce any possible objections from the group he added ” we are not here to save the little birds…”. He felt a need to state that business is not here to save the planet and that we should be fine with it, like if there was no other options. I remember my natural contraction at the time and the fact that I could not take anything from that serious-looking-guy really seriously.

“Work is Love made visible” Khalil Gibran…


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How To Reach Optimal Health in 5 Steps

Our medical system, isolated in its scientific materialism, has mostly limited the perception and understanding of health to the observable physical level. Its symptom-based approach rather than a holistic preventive approach, fails to answer the questions and the expectation of the serious seeker of truth.


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Becoming a multi orgasmic man

If, like me, you are interested in Sexuality, you cannot have missed the recent explosion of women's circles and goddess empowerment workshops helping women to reconnect with their sexual and feminine power.

In these workshops one learns the multiplicity of possibility for the women’s orgasm. From clitoral to cervical to G spot. For men it can be quite depressing as it may seem that we have to accept that our orgasmic life is dull in the face of the woman's orgasmic capacity and versatility.

In my experience as a man, nothing can be further from the truth.


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9 Keys to Deeper Orgasm for Men

Here I will review a number of practices to enhance the awareness leading to deeper orgasmic experiences.  This post is a follow-up to my previous article, ( “becoming a multi-orgasmic man” ) where I describe how a shift of focus is the main key to experience deep orgasmic states. 

The key to orgasm: Sex is not something I do to have an orgasm 

Looking at sex as something I do to have an orgasm (especially the ejaculatory one) makes orgasm less accessible to me. I simply start to act without any objective in mind and stay present with what is. What I observe by being more present with my Love making is my addiction towards peak orgasm. As soon as my energy starts to build in the pelvis, my body is running on autopilot, wanting more. More movement, more pleasure, more tension. This drive towards more deprives me of what I already have, from what is present, sending me into discontent.


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Can Tantra make you rich?

If, like most people in this world, you are born in a religious culture that conveys the beliefs that sex and money are not spiritual, that being poor is a spiritual value, that having sex too often is an addiction etc. you are most probably not free in your relationship with sex and money.  Based on my experience working with hundreds of people, I suggest that it is highly probable you have acquired beliefs and values that are not allowing sex and money to flow freely into your life.

Being poor has no spiritual value.


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Do you know your 5 bodies?

I often hear about the body-mind-soul system in conscious groups. This awareness towards the soul is great improvement from the simple body-mind system, yet there is a very robust system in Ayurveda, a 5000 year old medical science from India, that offers a great alternative. The 5 body system (pancha Kosha in Sanskrit) as part of a complete medical system can get quite complicated, so I describe here an easy approach to that system for even a simple understanding can go a long way to improve our lives.

The 5 bodies are the physical body, the energetic body, the emotional body, the mental body (or mind) and the spiritual body (or Soul). To make it more accessible I have thought of the following metaphor.


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5 Initial Steps to Higher States of Consciousness

Chakras are an unavoidable concept in the practice of energetic yoga. The Cakras are seen as antennas, able to both receive and transmit, all the different vibrational frequencies of the universe. The energy work on Cakras enables us to match or transform any manifested experience. Each cakra has a particular connection with a specific layer of the Universe or level of consciousness.


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How to regulate and increase your life energy?

Energy stands for “life force” or “life energy”. It is a vital principle present in philosophy, medicine and martial arts of both Chinese and Indian traditions. The term refers to a form of energy pervading all levels of the Universe, including in inanimate objects. In living being this energy is considered responsible for all bodily functions *. 


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Has Yoga lost its essence? 12 Keys to Reclaim Your Yoga Practice

Has yoga lost its essence in the West? Originally a science of the mind and the spiritual technology of ancient India, it would be difficult not to recognise both the physical and the materialistic drift that yoga has undergone in the last 50 years. Nevertheless, true spiritual seekers always find their way towards Light and Love. Here are few keys to bring your practice back home.


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