7 ways to Kick Start your Meditation

Sit Still.  Today you do a lot of sitting throughout your day, but how much of it is in stillness?  How often are you present, thoughtless, as you go through your daily actions?  How still is your mind when you wash the dishes?  When you brush your teeth?  As the rate of information and communication and delivery speeds up around us, we must be conscious to keep our own pace in check.  We must manage our minds and prevent ourselves from overwhelm.  Meditation is the ultimate prescription for a racing mind.


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Will You Be The Hundredth Monkey?

Art by Wang Yani

I create an environment of example, where others can learn, get inspired and finally find motivation to change for the better.  I know I am not the only monkey.  Our tribe is getting larger by the day. Will you join us in our efforts? Will you be the Hundredth Monkey?

The Story

In 1952, on the island of Koshima, scientists were providing wild Japanese monkeys (Macaca fuscata) with sweet potatoes dropped in the sand...

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What If You Were Already Rich?

I AM Abundant

Abundance is our birth right. It is the very nature of this universe, and therefore our own inherent nature.  So what is keeping us from feeling deeply abundant on a daily basis?  Abundance goes far beyond paper money, yet this is a very real place to observe our relationship towards the quality of Abundance.

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Yoga & City Lifestyle - 5 Tips to Make it Work


Very often I'm asked the question: “How do I practice and adapt yoga to my city lifestyle?”.

Beyond personal situations, I have observed that the 5 following points are the most important challenges to a yoga practice in modern city life...

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