Private Coaching Sessions

If you are feeling stuck in your life, repeatedly facing similar obstacles, feeling trapped in your situation, it may be a sign you are living out of alignment with your true self.  

When your life force is not being harnessed and focused in the direction of your purpose it can cause you to feel tired, worn down, and dull.

How is your stamina and libido?  These measures reflect alot about the way you are able to utilize your energy to serve your most powerful dream.

Imagine having everything you need to reach your goals and feeling at peace as you move through your day, breathing deeply, accomplishing your pursuits.  Imagine your vitality and vibrancy being such that you are expressing your gifts and inspiring others in the process.

Are you ready to step into your GREATNESS and its manifestation in the world?

Spiritual and Life Coaching will give you an opportunity to make the best out of your life in the most specific and personalised way. Whether looking for success, for purpose in our life or for Love in relationship, we all want Happiness. That is a universal truth.

As a coach, I can help you to identify the places where you are stuck, the obstacles in the way of your true happiness, and together we'll work to effectively remove them. 

"Each of us is a unique and specific individual, and we are all having our own purpose for being here.  In living a purposed life we find Happiness.  To reveal our purpose, we must gradually establish connection with the essence of our Being. Expressing that essence freely, is to authorise yourself to be who you are. To share your gift with the world is Greatness." -Deva Ram


Deva Ram is a passionate teacher; he shared his invaluable knowledge without restrictions. I was exposed to a large array of practices and lesser-known disciplines, which would have taken me years – if at all – to discover by myself! 


I am deeply indebted to him.

-Dr. C. Deprez,  Author, Film Scholar, Yoga Teacher,  Paris


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If you feel the call to personal coaching with Deva, Congratulations!  Change begins within.  The best thing we can do for our planet and our loved ones is to take our personal growth into consideration and actively work towards a happier and more peaceful inner life.  If you are ready to see where Deva can assist you now, send him a message in the form below.  



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