Are you ready to experience real FREEDOM?

Travel is a way to discover the self. Done with awareness, it removes the anchor with the familiar, breaks the habits, transcends the usual and give the traveller the opportunity to be fully ALIVE. 

You are invited to a journey unlike any other that will impact you like nothing else can. I call it The Great Reset. One-on-one I will coach you 24/7 for 12 days and guide you to the core of your being, to reach complete clarity on what it is you really want to achieve in this life.

This is not an offer for the faint hearted. It takes most people many years to achieve true transformation, to condense the work in 12 days makes for an intense experience. This is not a vacation. There is no down time. Every hour will be used. The Great Reset is a concentrated journey of the best transformational and self development practices, punctuated by the most inspiring encounters in places beyond imagination. The Great Reset is like a major upgrade in your life, it will completely defragment and reorganise your mental hard drive. Be Aware: after the Great reset, there will be no going back, the person who will return from the Great Reset will be fundamentally different from the person who left.

Are You Ready to reach optimal performance? To overcome all your limitations? To experience total well being? Are you ready to live an authentic and satisfying life and inspire others? Life is short, history is calling you.

This tailor-made one-on-one journey will take place in India where I lived 12 years. It is a total immersion into the most ancient civilisation alive on earth, it is beyond time and space. The journey has no fixed itinerary and will require complete surrender to the process and your full commitment. You will meet oracles and incredible beings, your imagination and resourcefulness will be challenged, your courage and commitment will be summoned and in the process a new person will emerge: the Real YOU! 

13 days availability is required for this priceless and unparalleled reunion. Be available for dates in March/April or October/November. Finances should not be an issue, there are cheaper traveling option to India elsewhere.

I guided my first group at age 14.  Since then, I have traveled in 5 continents and over 30 countries, safely guiding people in places where few others venture. I can accompany your personal journey in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish).

This unprecedented journey of exception is for the courageous soul who is ready to move beyond personal boundaries to meet true power and rise to even greater heights.


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