Natural Medicine Meditation


Natural Medicine Meditation is a meditation protocol using the power of nature to transport us beyond the veil and allow us a deep experience of truth, a merging with the Infinite, a unification with the Divine intelligence that pervades all creation. It procures indescribable joy. The release and awareness it provides are profoundly transformative.

Protocol To harvest maximum benefit, the meditation is divided in 3 sessions: (1) Two days before the meditation, 45 minutes Introduction and Intention setting; (2) A 2h powerful meditation session; (3) A week after the meditation, 45 minutes Integration session.  Session 2 is an in person meeting.  Sessions 1 & 3 can happen via Skype or in person.  

Bookings To book a meditation please leave a message below with your phone number and I will contact you within 72h. After this initial contact you must send $100 via This is a non refundable deposit. When the payment is received we will schedule the meditation. If you need to reschedule your meditation, do so 24h in advance, failing to reschedule in time will cancel your appointment without refund.

Packages I offer special customized packages for individual and for couples combining Natural Medicine Meditation with other modalities. Enquire for details during the initial conversation.

 ninje_toad.jpg Looking forward to sharing the amazing journey of Life together...

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