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"Everything changes and nothing stands still," said the greek philosopher Heraclitus near 500 BCE.

The world is changing. The old paradigm* is replaced by the new.

For human organisations, changing organisational culture requires time. For a human organisation it is not enough to be up to date.  To be thriving you need to be of tomorrow

Human organisations have a large power to transform society.  They transform the people who work for them and the people who benefit from them (either by the project they manage or the products they create). When an organisation is of tomorrow, it both thrives and elevates the whole of human society to a higher and better future.

 It is challenging for anyone to have new ideas if surrounded by large numbers of people settled in the same narrative.  This is what makes many organisations slow to evolve. In this speaking program, I share a complete new perspective with you & your team, an inspiring vision from a different stand point, and I share with you why this new view point would be beneficial for your human organisation.

This program is for you if:

  • You believe you are a force of evolution and you are ready to play your role fully in the transformation of our society towards a better future
  • You want to create a new product or project or transform an existing one
  • You seek to prepare your organisation in depth for the future

By changing your view point, you can connect with an infinite source of vitality and creativity.  You will start creating for the future, for the benefits of the people, of the planet and also your bottom line. You can initiate long lasting and valuable changes.  you can prepare your organisation for tomorrow while designing a desirable future.  You can build motivated and productive teams and inspire a thriving organisational culture.

*Old and new paradigm? What are these?  The old paradigm is dominant today. In contrast, the emerging paradigm is a world where happiness and well being are more important than economical power and growth, where humans are seen belonging to an interconnected web that includes all sentient beings and the planet at large, where motivation is generated by compassion in a world of abundance, where sustainability is the key for management of resources and justice and peace seen as needed factors for harmonious evolution.

For nearly 25 years (until 2007), Deva held leading or advising project management positions in international development and humanitarian aid organisations.  The largest project he was given to manage had a yearly budget over US$ 150 million and staffed over 1000 team members.  Today as a transformational leader, Deva's thought-provoking messages inspire audiences to purposeful action that can powerfully contribute to co-creating a sustainable, prosperous, and harmonious world for all.

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