Can Tantra make you rich?

If, like most people in this world, you are born in a religious culture that conveys the beliefs that sex and money are not spiritual, that being poor is a spiritual value, that having sex too often is an addiction etc. you are most probably not free in your relationship with sex and money.  Based on my experience working with hundreds of people, I suggest that it is highly probable you have acquired beliefs and values that are not allowing sex and money to flow freely into your life.

Being poor has no spiritual value.


 If you experience some level of dissatisfaction in either of these two areas of your life and you want to know if you have an internal conflict that prevents you from full satisfaction, ponder the following scenario: You have the choice between two masters from which to seek spiritual inspiration, guidance on your life purpose or advice to be more aligned with your Self. One is a world famous sage coming from Orient, dressed with a simple white robe and known for his wisdom and compassion and has a following of thousands of devotees, the other is a younger man wearing a designer suit, an expensive Swiss watch, driving a sports car and surrounded by a flock of young beautiful women. Which of these men would you naturally feel more comfortable trusting with the freedom of your soul? Be honest.

Bingo! This a set up. Being poor has no spiritual value. The universe is naturally abundant, and scarcity in an acquired value grounded in fear of not having enough and most probably cultivated at some stage of our history to keep our ancestors under control. All our needs are always provided. Air is free (without it you would be dead in minutes), the water is also free and it is our blue planet galactic exception (think rain, lakes, rivers, oceans etc), Sunlight is free and in plenty, Love and friendship are also in plenty and I am known to say that “Trees don’t sell apples.”  Our ecosystem is set up to provide all we need.  If humans have placed some intermediaries in the system to benefit from something that is meant to be generously offered, that's a different story.

When people seek guidance about sex and money, I always ask them to look for the subconscious blockages that prevent the natural flow, the hidden beliefs that continuously sabotage their conscious efforts. Finding these blocks and removing them is called deprogramming. The work at hand is to remove the shame, the guilt, the excessive modesty that has become a refuge for a deep lack of self-worth, the subtle belief that we do not deserve abundance, the counterproductive ego-crushing beliefs that turns anyone into their own worst enemy.

Tantra offers a profoundly different spiritual context. In Tantric philosophy the boundaries between the Divine and the Mundane, between our world “here and now” and Heaven (or Nirvana) are different from the majority of the spiritual paths available. Tantra sees the manifestation of the world just as divine as its conscious essence and in this way, Tantra celebrates the mundane as much as the divine. In fact, well established practitioners of Tantra are prosperous; they benefit from both spiritual alignment and material abundance.

The field of Tantra has developed powerful tools to play with energy, the subtle fabric of our universe. By harvesting, directing and manifesting energy, including sexual energy, Tantra empowers the practitioner to manifest abundance in life. Among many tools, one of the most powerful is "sex magic" -- intentionally directing the power of our sexuality to manifest in ways beyond making babies! In Tantra, manifesting money is completely possible, for what is money if not a form of energy conveniently translated by men into physical form?

It takes faith, commitment and practice of course, even after the deprogramming phase. A powerful tip is to work for the benefit of others as much as for your own. And if you want to start right away on the path to wealth, you will find simple and effective guidance in this previous post

Infinite Love, Deva



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