What If You Were Already Rich?

I AM Abundant

Abundance is our birth right. It is the very nature of this universe, and therefore our own inherent nature.  So what is keeping us from feeling deeply abundant on a daily basis?  Abundance goes far beyond paper money, yet this is a very real place to observe our relationship towards the quality of Abundance.

The media bombards us with lack, limitation, fear, doubt & worry.  We are sold “Limited time” offers and a million ways to “Save” money.  Many of us have been programmed for frugality.  There has been a serious sickness eating away at our freedom and abundant nature.  Beliefs that money is dirty or evil or unspiritual cause us to shy away from abundance at a subconscious level.  You could be rejecting money without even knowing it!

Collectively, we can heal our attitude towards money as we become aware of our faulty programming, and replace it with the knowing that we live in plentitude.  It takes practice to chip away at the deeply ingrained beliefs we have swallowed for many years.  Patiently work with your thoughts regarding money, and watch your life change. You see, money is energy.  Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.  It is always flowing.  We know this, yet when it comes to money we have to be extra vigilant to remain rooted in our faith.

Move towards Abundance with these 7 steps:

1. Realize the inherent abundance of the universe

Water, air, sun, friends and love are free.  Trees don’t sell apples. Everything we need to live is offered abundantly by the universe. See abundance in all aspects (not only money).  See where your needs are met in plenty.  

Daily: What we focus on expands.  Rather than looking at what you feel you lack, focus on abundance in all areas of your life.

2. Cultivate a genuine attitude of gratitude

Constantly acknowledge the existing abundance in your life. Gratitude is the root of contentment, a fundament of happiness, and a very high level resonance that will bring abundance of experiences to be grateful for.

Daily: Spend 3 minutes each morning to write down all the things you are grateful for, from the simple to the extravagant.

3. Exchange with grace

It’s the way we exchange energy that makes the difference.  The same words can be used to express a completely different message depending on the feeling tone and body language accompanying the words.  Keep this in mind when exchanging paper money too.  

Daily: Be present as you exchange money for goods and services.  Bless the business owners providing a service that improves your life.  Be grateful your exchange can help to improve their lives in return.

4. Share what you seek

Life is a flow.  If you put a kink in the flow, you undermine your access to abundance. To give what you seek is the root of abundance.  Hoarding goes the opposite way—attachment to what we seek is an obstacle to obtaining it.

Daily: Give something to the people you meet with no expectation of return—a silent blessing, a smile, a token.  What we give comes back in unexpected ways.

5. Express your desire to the Universe  

Define what you want, being as specific as possible, and be consistent.  What will you do when you receive it?  Who all will benefit?  How will you pay it forward in your community?  Now, prepare to receive.

Daily: Write down your heart’s deepest longing.  Put it in a place you will see it throughout the day.  Read out loud your statement of desire and intention.

6. Connect with an uplifting community 

Ponder the adage “you can’t make more money than the sum total income of your five closest connections” and check who you are relating with. If the beliefs of your friends are not aligned with your expectations, you may have to shift your attention towards a community with a more supportive attitude towards abundance.

Daily: Choose to meet with people who are abundant in Love, in Health, in Resources and model their ways of being to align more to this Abundance.

7. Love yourself even more

Unconsciously, many people shy away from abundance because of a lack of self worth.  Taking care of our body temples and our home sanctuaries shows to the Universe that we see our own beauty & worth.  Don’t be cheap with yourself.  Look for all the good reasons you deserve that green juice or lavender-scented candle.  Feel abundant to allow abundance to flow through you.

Daily: Look in a mirror and repeat “I am whole, I am powerful, I am strong, I am beautiful, I am harmonious, I am loving, I am wealthy, I am young, I am happy, I am healthy, I am courageous, I am intelligent, I am creative, I am abundant. I love myself unconditionally, I am perfect with all my faults, God loves me as I am.”


Infinte Love,

Deva Ram

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