A life of service (part 4)

Transcending Shadows, Discovering Self, and Embracing Unity

In the intricate journey of existence, there exists a profound path—one that leads us beyond ourselves, unveiling dimensions of transcendence, self-discovery, and unity that are often obscured by the mundane. This path is none other than a life of service—an act of extending oneself for the betterment of others. Within this noble endeavor, we find an extraordinary means to transcend our shadows, discover our true essence, and cultivate a spiritual reverence for the interconnectedness that binds us all.

Transcending Shadows through Service: Embracing a life of service acts as a transformative force that enables us to confront and transcend our shadows. By dedicating ourselves to the upliftment of others, we channel our energies away from self-centered preoccupations. This shift allows us to move beyond the ego-driven patterns that often create and reinforce our shadows. In service, we step into the realm of the other, unburdened by the weight of our own limitations. Mahatma Gandhi encapsulated this beautifully, stating, "The fastest way to know yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." The act of selflessly serving others dissolves our focus on the small self, gently dissolving the shadows that otherwise obscure our true nature.

Discovering Self through Service: A life of service unveils a remarkable paradox—while we extend ourselves outward, we concurrently delve inward, discovering facets of ourselves that would remain hidden otherwise. Through acts of compassion, generosity, and support, we uncover our innate capacity for empathy, kindness, and understanding. Service leads us on an inner expedition, revealing qualities and depths we might have never realized existed. This introspective journey teaches us that our true selves are not confined within personal boundaries but are found in the interconnected web of humanity. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, "I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy." By actively participating in service, we awaken to the profound joy that emanates from making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Embracing Unity through Service: At the heart of a life of service lies a profound spiritual reverence—the acknowledgment that "I am the other (the other is not limited to another human being but to all other beings, spanning across animal, vegetal and mineral realms). " Service serves as a tangible manifestation of this understanding, dismantling the illusory barriers that separate us from one another. Through acts of service, we embody the truth that our existence is intertwined and interdependent. By extending ourselves to uplift others, we engage in a sacred dance of unity, where our individuality merges with a collective purpose. Serving becomes an act of recognizing the divine essence that resides within each being, blurring the lines that divide us and allowing us to experience the intrinsic unity that binds all earthlings together.

Personal Journey of Service: For me, the decision to embark on a life of service took root during my formative years—a time when I confronted challenges that revealed feelings of powerlessness and voicelessness. In the face of these trials, I made a pivotal choice: to stand as a voice for those who had none and to empower those devoid of power. This choice could have been seen through the lens of profound trauma, casting an enduring shadow over my life. However, in embracing the transformative power of service, I now recognize it as an incredible gift that followed those challenging experiences. This gift offered me a purpose beyond myself, a mission that aligned with the very essence of my being and lead me to live an incredible life.

A life of service holds the potential to be a transformative journey—an avenue that leads us to transcend our shadows, discover our authentic selves, and embrace the profound unity that threads through all life. As we immerse ourselves in the act of service, we create a reality that aligns with the deepest yearnings of our soul. Guided by the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and many others, we recognize that the pursuit of joy, self-discovery, and unity can all find their fulfillment within the tapestry of service. Through this selfless devotion to others, we not only touch lives but also create a symphony of interconnectedness that resonates with the essence of our shared earthly experience.

Infinite Love
Los Angeles August 20, 2023