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    FAQ about Darkness Meditation

    In the womb of Darkness (part III):  What is happening during a darkness Meditation During short session of Darkness Meditation we provide a blindfold that allow you to stay open eye in the dark, during longer sessions we meet in a complete dark room (no blindfold is necessary). We alternate inspiring music, silence and guided meditation and use movement and breath to create powerful experiences altering the brain chemistry in a very safe natural way.
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    10 Reasons You Should Be Meditating in the Dark

    In the womb of Darkness (Part II) What is a darkness meditation?    By using a specific blindfold that allows us to stay in darkness with open eyes and carefully controlling sound, we remove over 80% of the sensorial input usually processed by the mind. The specific experience created allows the mind to quickly quiet down and experience deep relaxation conducive to many benefits.
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