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I have structured my offering based on the level of depth and commitment that you are willing and able to invest in your journey. Naturally, the more committed you are, the greater the results you can expect to achieve. However, it is crucial to choose a level of commitment that is realistic and feasible for you.


During a coaching conversation, we will work together to identify any limiting beliefs that may be hindering your ability to achieve fulfillment in your life. Whether conducted in person or online, the cost of the session will be $250 per hour. You can choose the duration of your session, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your needs and availability.

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Sacred work involves utilizing powerful tools of evolution to help individuals break through their limiting beliefs and the patterns of numbness that have been acquired over years of habitual thinking and delusion. It is important to note that sacred work is not a shortcut or a quick fix, and there is no external solution that can do the work for you. The work must be done by you, and only you.

Sacred work is an accelerator available for those who show a high degree of commitment to their own evolution. By committing to this work, you are fastening your seatbelt and embarking on a journey that may be challenging at times, but ultimately rewarding and transformative. Through dedication and perseverance, you can break through your limitations and achieve a greater sense of fulfillment in your life.

The cost of the session is $250 per hour. The amount of hours will be determined during our initial consultation depending on the candidate's choice and intentions.

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Osmosis is a process by which subtle information, energy or knowledge is transmitted from one entity to another. This transmission occurs through a permeable boundary, such as a membrane or field, and results in a transfer of information from a higher to a lower concentration until an equilibrium is achieved. In the context of coaching, osmosis is a transmission of deep resonance and understanding from the coach (giver) to the coachee (receiver). This transmission can occur at a subtle level, beyond the scope of conscious awareness, and can lead to profound shifts in the receiver's mindset, beliefs and behaviors.

The osmosis process requires a deep level of trust and surrender on the part of the receiver. The coach serves as a guide and facilitator, creating a safe and supportive environment for the receiver to explore their inner world and make meaningful changes. The best coaching agreements are characterized by a deep alignment between the coach's gifts and the receiver's deepest longings. This alignment creates a powerful resonance that facilitates the osmosis process and supports the receiver in achieving their goals.

It is important to note that osmosis is not for everyone, and that the process requires a high level of commitment and readiness on the part of the receiver. Before engaging in the osmosis process, it is necessary to undergo a deep assessment to ensure that one is prepared for the journey.

This is not a session anymore but a longer process of 3 month minimum. The amount of hours and the price will be determined during our initial consultation, depending on the candidate's choice and intentions.

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Guiding Radiance, Awakened Covenant & Embodied Enlightenment
You are longing for ease and abundance, for freedom and connection, for adventure and safety, for creativity and inspiration and yet, how much of this do you find in your busy life? You give all you can give. Your time and energy, your dedication, your money, your intentions. And yet these are all finite things while expecting the infinite in return. You can take all the steps and still not finish the journey. 

The last step of this journey is taken by God coming to meet you on the way. It is GRACE. And there is no way to know when, to whom and why it comes. Your job is to show up-up earnestly and let go of the outcome.

Yet is there space for GRACE to come meet you in your life? This is what I am offering you. This is what “GRACE” is about.

The Universe is already perfect, yet you are running on your treadmill and hardly ever stop to watch the flowers bloom. My invitation is that of witnessing the perfection at play while we do nothing hence undistracted. It is to sit in the stillness of our bodies and the silence of our minds steeped into each other's loving gaze.

The first half hour is to prepare ourselves. The second half hour is creating the space for GRACE. The third half hour is for the integration of the experience “coaching” style.

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This is the Great Reset, the journey of a lifetime, a personalized and exclusive one-on-one, 12-days, 24/7 intensive transformational experience.

Travel is a way to discover the self. Done with awareness, it removes the anchor with the familiar, breaks the habits, transcends the usual and gives the traveller the opportunity to be fully alive. This journey will be enhanced by extraordinary encounters in unique and inspiring locations, it is like a major life upgrade, offering a complete reorganization of your mental and emotional state.

This journey is a total immersion in India, the most ancient civilization alive on earth, it is beyond time and space. The journey has no fixed itinerary and will require complete surrender to the process and your full commitment. You will meet oracles and incredible beings, your imagination and resourcefulness will be challenged, your courage and commitment will be summoned and in the process a new person will emerge, the person who will return  will be fundamentally different from the person who left.

This is not an offer for the faint hearted. This is not a vacation. Financial concerns should not be an issue to participate in this offering.

Inquire for more information on how to participate in this program that will require serious prerequisites before participation.