After decades of ministry as a senior pastor I left the church broken, traumatized, grieving, in despair. I lost my faith, trust, purpose, mind. I wanted to die. The depression, compounded by disillusionment in this country and isolation of the pandemic, was destroying my marriage, family, friendships. Therapy, medication didn’t work. I was done. A friend recommended Deva. After our first conversation there was hope. We began to do work, then included my wife. Today I want to live! The last two years of our 40 year marriage have been the best! I found new faith! I’m living…intentionally, purposefully, gratefully.

-Paul Bergmann, former Senior Pastor, Ojai Valley Community Church


Working with Deva has offered me a new perspective that has changed the way I view my life. He is a rare combination of kindness and steady wisdom, and possesses a capacity for deep listening that is truly extraordinary.

-Dr. Alex Schmidt, clinical psychologist


I have been guided over the past thirty years by many gifted guides to self-awareness and spiritual development. Deva is the most recent of these guides that I consider as trusted teachers, and we have explored together some deeply personal, healing and enlightening aspects of my spiritual/psychological body. I trust him implicitly and am grateful for his wisdom, skill and friendship.

-Robert Kalayjian, MD, retired anesthesiologist and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher.


As a successful entrepreneur, I pondered my lack of profound joy despite achievements. Despite a thriving family and prosperous business, something felt missing. Asking the right question led me to the enigmatic path of self-discovery—the path to "I." Deva, a trusted confidant, emerged as a faithful brother, providing a secure haven for introspection. Uncovering and embracing my true self brought increasing bliss to my heart. This newfound joy transformed my life. I'm immensely grateful to Deva for instilling greater happiness, wisdom, and liberation within me.

-Arash K. CEO at Medical Technology Industry


I was a mid-career professional who had worked for decades in corporate, achieving significant acclaim and extrinsic markers of success. However, as I looked forward to the next and likely final chapter of work, I was frozen. I feared taking a risk and began to resent my work, my colleagues, and my family. Working with Deva unlocked both purpose and energy. I crystallized the big picture “WHY” - what is my singular purpose, how can I apply my gifts, and what meaning might I make of my work? The past three years have been filled with creativity and growth. The fear and resentment have transformed into possibility and a profound sense of gratitude.

-Konrad Ribeiro, Head of Coaching, Large Customer Sales, Google


In 2017, I began working with Deva, after a 40-year history of success in my insurance agency and the same number of years in psychotherapy. Despite recovering from a taxing divorce and finding peace with my disabled sons and a new thriving relationship, I sensed an emptiness in my heart. A friend introduced me to Deva, and though skeptical after so much work done already, I gave it a try. Deva helped me discover what was missing and guided me to open my heart and mind to intentional contentment. Our work provided transformative tools, allowing me to make life-altering decisions and think creatively. My association with Deva has enhanced both my personal and professional life, leading to profound positive changes.

Marc Berton, CEO Marc Berton Insurance


I want to be very careful not to come over as disingenuous, or just hyperbolic, but I have spent years walking what I thought was my path, learned from big name teachers both directly and indirectly, read their works, listened to their lectures. Heck I even taught! So ridiculous:). Only now do I see I have never integrated the teachings. Never really discovered the wisdom beneath and NEVER surrendered. Now I can say with conviction, I am finally a beginner. No single person or experience has ever cracked me open as you have. My gratitude is deeper than I know how to express.

Ben Young, Vice President of Strategic Marketing