About Me

Hello, I'm Deva Ram

I am known as Deva, also Gabriel Lovemore, and I work as a guide, alchemist, and cosmic gardener with a commitment to serving those who strive to expand their consciousness. Being human like you, I face the same difficulties and stressors as others, and I use moments of clarity and knowledge gained from successes and failures to navigate life.

To me, life is an adventure with various paths, twists, turns, dark pits, and dragons (for an adventure without a dragon is a boring one). This adventure, both individual and collective, is approaching a crucial and extremely significant chapter. The way we navigate this chapter and the decisions we make at each episode will determine the future of our species and many others beyond our own. I believe that only through a great shift in consciousness can we overcome the particular challenges of this chapter, with conscious growth rendering our problems obsolete.

I hold the view that living in complete harmony with the world's inherent intelligence is possible and that our present-day challenges are messengers sent to us to return to harmony. Our current behaviors often stem from our unhealed fears and shadows. Through dedication to truth, genuine curiosity, and a courageous heart, I have discovered the elements I share with you today.

My sincere hope is that you, too, can find your inner truth and navigate your adventure with success, taking an active part in finding the solution or our present-day challenges. You possess everything you require inside you, and you have direct access to the world's inherent intelligence without the need for a guide, priest, guru, or translator. Only you can know your truth, and anything from the outside is irrelevant.

I am honored to collaborate with my partner Lisa , in "The Cosmic Garden", we also host other events together like "Sacred Convergence", inviting participants to experience the profound transformation that occur when the feminine and the masculine energies harmonize and align in unity.