Insight on a cosmic odyssey

Human existence on this Earth plane is an intricate and profound journey, filled with contrasting elements and boundless possibilities. It is a journey marked by our recognition of limits, where the constraints of time and space shape our experiences.

Within these boundaries, we confront the dualities of abundance and scarcity, ride the ever-changing waves of love, and confront the unyielding reality that our physical senses present to us, all within the labyrinth of our own minds. This perspective awakens a deep sense of longing within us, setting fire to our desires, emotions, and passions, and driving us to explore the world in search of fulfillment. It is this very sense of incompleteness that acts as a catalyst, propelling us toward remarkable achievements, carving legends, and forging giants. It reminds us that our yearning is not a weakness but a powerful force that propels us toward grand adventures, always reminding us that love is at the heart of our existence.

At times, it is crucial to remind ourselves that life on Earth is a response to the omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence of a higher power. This perspective allows us to perceive our earthly existence as a canvas upon which human experiences are vividly painted—a realm where the inherent chaos and drama, purposefully embedded in the fabric of life, serve as the backdrop for profound personal growth. Failures are not setbacks but opportunities for learning, and ignorance serves as the fertile ground from which curiosity springs forth. Our separation from the divine becomes the impetus for forming deep connections. The fleeting nature of our time here serves as a poignant reminder to savor each passing moment, for what is the value of the present for those who possess eternity?

At this very moment of contemporary human existence,  it is imperative to pause and contemplate a cautionary note.  In this grand theater of evolution, there exists a possibility to misinterpret this sense of incompleteness as a curse rather than a gift, in ways that lead us down a perilous path. It is crucial to be aware that we face the danger of falling into a trap of victim consciousness, where we attribute our challenges solely to external forces and neglect the role our own choices and perceptions play and miss the opportunity to take responsibility for our creative powers. This misinterpretation can lure us into a shadowy realm of unresolved trauma and self-fulfilling prophecies, where we unwittingly perpetuate and amplify patterns of suffering. To navigate this precarious terrain, we must exercise discernment and self-awareness, for only then can we harness the transformative power of the life laboratory we are in, rather than allowing it to entangle us further into separation and disconnection. In recognizing the potential pitfalls, we can navigate our journey with greater resilience, wisdom, and a deeper understanding of the intricate dance between fate and our own choices.

I find solace in this perspective of a unified narrative that encapsulates the multi-dimensional nature of human life. Life on Earth emerges as a dynamic interplay between embracing our limitations (being human) and responding to the divine voice within (being God). 

In this intricate theater, our sense of incompleteness can either fuel our aspirations to greatness and express the genius of our species or have us dive blindly within our unresolved shadows left by the wound of our perceived separation and aloneness, each side propelling us into a world of turbulent and meaningful experiences.  On each of these paths we will stumble and fall, yet it is often through setbacks that we unearth the inner strength to rise again.

Yet for any story to be powerful, beyond the lulling and numbing happy-ends of Hollywood, the risk of losing it all must be real and it is. Failing to take responsibility we will not pass successfully the questions of the Sphinx at the entrance of the temple. Yet if all feels lost remember that only by temporarily losing our way can we fully appreciate the joy of rediscovery. Ignorance and delusion are the challenges that serve as the sparks that ignite our curiosity and wisdom. Our separation from the divine compels us to seek profound connections, not just with others, but with ourselves and the entirety of existence.

Within the fleeting brevity of our earthly existence, we come to realize that each passing moment is precious, encapsulating the very essence of love—the heartbeat of our shared human journey. Thus, life on Earth emerges as a magnificent fusion of humanity and divinity, a voyage marked by both incompleteness and fulfillment, a celebration of the perfect imperfection, and a testament to the boundless capacity of the spirit to provide profound meaning and purpose within the intricate mosaic of existence.


Los Angeles, September 18, 2023