The Cosmic Gardener Handbook

This handbook was created to help us reconnect with the languages of life, to understand who we truly are, what we are doing here, to discover how to navigate this play of life with grace and harmony and live fulfilling lives.

From perfection to perfection.

A flower is first a seed. Then sprout. Seedling. Plant. Bud. Then it finally blooms. Then wilts, releases its seeds, and the cycle begins all over again.

There is no stage that is not perfect as it is. Every stage needs to be completed in order for the next one to happen.

A gardener just want to observe the flower grow, to witness the perfection of the process with awe. 

A gardener does not force the flower to change or ask it to be a different color, or a different kind of flower. 

This handbook is to remind us of the existing perfection we already are. For we, like the flower, move from perfection to perfection.


We create our reality through our beliefs. 

A belief is simply a thought we continue to tell ourselves.

This handbook is intended to help you identify the beliefs that create your reality and see if they are limiting or supporting the life you want. 

Some of our beliefs may not be true, some beliefs we don’t know we have and some beliefs may not serve us and we may want to change them. 

We then work to release the power behind those beliefs and the emotional baggage that connects us to them.

The following is a belief system to create a thriving, empowered, and fulfilling life for ourselves.

Everyone is welcome to choose their own beliefs.

This is not a dogma or a religion. Think of the following like a map to help you navigate Life. 

Of Life and God.

These statements cannot be proven, yet they can be experienced. Take these beliefs as an hypothesis to experiment with, and objectively measure the results of the experiment.

You are God, I am God, everything is God. Everything is consciousness made form. Everything is an emanation of consciousness. 

Being God is lonely and boring. A standard definition across religious and spiritual lineages is that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. There are no surprises, no challenges, and no adventures for someone who knows all. There is no relationship for someone who is All. The entire manifest world (or Life) is God’s response to loneliness and boredom. Life is God’s self-creation. God is not a separate, external creator. God is an immanent unfolding process. 

God creates Life to experience relationships, surprises, adventures, and more. God divides itself from its oneness and creates zillions of different forms (mineral, vegetable, animal…) to create relationships between each form. To create a story, a play, God’s play.

Life is a story and we are God in human form living the story we have created. By design, we chose to forget that we are God in order to immerse ourselves fully in the story. God, pretending we are not God. Life is then “perfectly imperfect” as it is a response to move away from infinite perfection. No wonder our lives are messy and dramatic: a story without drama or adventure is simply a boring one.

Life is a feed-back mechanism, when we act, and make choices, Life responds. We (God) created the story and chose to forget who we are, while planting the clues (hidden in plain sight) to help us on the way to remember who we are (know thyself). As part of a complex navigation system, discomfort, challenges, and pain are here to attract our attention and help us navigate by showing us what in our life needs our attention.

Everything is perfect, always. Life has ups and downs and what is perfect anyway? This has more to do with how the mind is working: what we focus on expands. If we look for perfection we will see it. If we start looking for perfection, eventually we will see perfection everywhere, even in what does not seem perfect at first.

If everything is perfect, this moment is perfect. We are already perfect. In my experience, the greatest human tragedy is that we constantly want a different experience than the one we are having. That leads us to deny the present moment and seek for another experience, creating a constant tension or conflict with Now. This is an infinite source of stress and suffering. Dismissing the Now leads us to focus in the past and the future which do not exist. In the process of dismissing the Now we dismiss its perfection and we dismiss God: the very thing we are ultimately seeking to remember. 

Answer to all of our questions is found within. From a very young age we are taught to listen to external references. There is a time to eat and a time to sleep regardless of when we are hungry or sleepy. We design a series of should, must, and have to, that overrule our inner knowing (intuitions) and communication with life. This leaves us deaf to Life’s inherent language and guidance. Most of us are lost by the time we are adults, yet everything is perfect, including being lost, as there would be no reward in finding ourselves if we had not first experienced being lost.

What we believe conditions our reality. If we believe in a supporting Universe, our mind will try to prove our beliefs right and we will constantly be looking for perfection. If we believe in a dangerous Universe, we will constantly be looking for the next imminent danger. In either instance, we will find exactly what we are looking for. 

Seeking for the existing perfection in all things will instill in us a deep sense of gratitude and open us up. Seeking for danger will impose a sense of fear and close us off. Our actions in response to gratitude or fear will create a new reality that will confirm our original belief system. Our beliefs are a self-prophesying loop.

Evolution is effortless. Flowers do not need effort to grow, real transformation is effortless. Efforts to change coming from a dissatisfaction with the current experience, will only lead to further dissatisfaction and struggle and not the the expected change. This is an important and needed shift in perception for anyone who wishes to evolve. Celebrating the existing perfection is what will create changes the faster.

Taking full responsibility for what manifests in our lives is the way out of the victim consciousness loop. That includes the choice of our beliefs (remember we are God, we are the creator of All of this). If we give our power away to an external force we become powerless (a state called victim consciousness). To empower ourselves we chose to take full responsibility and claim our Creator role. Getting out of victim consciousness is the hardest step on the road to conscious evolution. It does not feel right, it does not feel fair, it does not feel good from a victim consciousness perspective, yet it is not negotiable, there are no other paths.

Remember, you are God. You are Creator. Even in this physical play of life. The beliefs we practice become our reality. You have the power to change these beliefs.


Reconnect with the language of Life.

Life speaks to us through our needs, our drives and impulses, thoughts, dreams, body sensations, emotions, intuitions, insights, synchronicities but also through our challenges, roadblocks, difficulties, resistance, stress, discomfort, disease, accidents, setbacks, and conflicts. Our feelings are a compass to help us navigate.

Everything we do is a strategy to meet a need. The most powerful of Life’s language is the language of needs. Fundamentally understanding our needs allows us to understand Life’s language. Our most basic needs are Love, Safety, Freedom, and Fulfillment. We believe that we want a relationship, a house, a car, or the perfect job, but what we are truly hoping for is to satisfy our need for Love and Connection, Safety, Freedom, Fulfillment, etc. When our needs are not met we feel confused, depressed, closed off, anxious, or ill. When our needs are met we feel clear, energized, open, confident, healthy, content, etc. How we feel indicates to us which needs are met or not.

Understanding the difference between needs and strategies is a fundamental part for living a fulfilling life. We don’t really want a strategy (like a relationship, a house, a car, a job, or even money), what we want is to fulfill our need for Connection, Love, Safety, Freedom, and Fulfillment. For each need we have many possible strategies, yet if we are attached to a strategy that does not actually satisfy our needs, we may get the house, the car, the job, or the relationship, and still be deeply unsatisfied. We can honor the deep longing of our needs without being attached to the strategy.

Pursuing a strategy that does not work creates conflicts. Conflict is a loss of energy, yet we often confuse strategies and needs and create conflicts because of this confusion. A dysfunctional relationship may not meet your need for connection, an expensive car may not meet your need for freedom, and an unsatisfying job may not meet your need for fulfillment. The conflict we are maintaining between what we think we want (strategies) and what we truly want (meeting our needs) is leading us to a conflict within ourselves: a conflict between the external drive of what we think we want and what we actually need.

All suffering comes from a lack of Self-love. This conflict is due to valuing the external want (mostly located in the mind through thoughts) versus the internal need (more perceivable in the heart, guts and body, through emotions and physical sensations). This conflict translates into a deep dissatisfaction with oneself, because we have imposed an external disconnected language over the inner intuitive language. This undervaluing of the internal is also commonly called “lack of Self-Love”. We “think” that our inner language of Needs does not have value and instead we trust the external language of Wants more.

My greatest gift to the world is to be me. A lack of Self-Love is another act of denial of God and of our existing perfection. Being me/you and to fully accept and love ourselves is the closest we can be to God, because we are God. Resolving the conflict between the external and the internal language is key to reconnecting with our perfection.

Surrendering to our existing perfection. The best way to honor our perfection is through Self-Love, a complete and unconditional love for who we are, light and shadow, at any stage of our growth and evolution. 

The desire to become a better person is a drive, an impulse, the engine of the universe and also perfect. But if that desire to evolve also denies the perfection of who we are now, all is lost. We are already who we want to be, we are already where we want to be. To manifest an ideal life, we don’t need to dream of an ideal future but rather celebrate and live like it is already here, because it is already here!

Like the flower, we move from perfection to perfection.

Our greatest act of Self-Love is to practice the belief that perfection is already here, that every part of us, light and shadow, is perfect. That every stage of our growth, painful and bliss, is perfect.



The following are the most powerful tools I have discovered in my life as a coach and they inform a lot of my work. If you wish to go deeper you are welcome to use these tools for yourself.

  • Non Violent Communication, the Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg

There are no words that could describe fully the depth and value of this book and the practice that comes with it. It is simply the language of the new conscious paradigm.

  • Mapping the evolution of consciousness: A holistic framework for the development of consciousness by Justin Faerman (

If one wants to understand consciousness in both a spiritual and a scientific way, this is the most elegant and simple model I have seen so far. A successful journey always starts with a good map.

  • The Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu, translation by Stephen Mitchell. 

This is a very short book, a classic manual on the art of living, a gem of lucidity, one of the wonders of the world.

  • The Prophet by Khalil Gibran, 

My all time favorite, 26 poems of immense wisdom and depth, one of the most translated books (over 100 languages) and best selling book of all time.

  • Any books from Rumi, Hafez or Kabir
    Poets, mystics, saints, either of them speak of love in a very emotional embodied way, you can read it but you will also feel it.

  • YouTube video by Alan Watts

The Secret of life

The Dream of Life

  • Other documentaries

Aware, Glimpse of Consciousness

My Octopus Teacher (a Netflix documentary)

The Template: the Ceremony of Original Innocence (an incredibly powerful alchemical process)

  • Loving What Is by Byron Katie, 

The relevance of the title of this book speak for itself. Byron Katie’s website will give you further tools to “Love what is” like this one:

  • How To Break Free of the Drama Triangle and Victim Consciousness by  Janae B. Weinhold, 

A short 90 pages book to understand the concepts behind victim consciousness.


About the author

I am Gabriel Lovemore, Alchemist and Cosmic Gardener. I live to serve those who are intentional about expanding consciousness in their lives and beyond. 

Like you I am a fellow human being. I experience all the flaws and stresses of being human. I have a few clear moments of understanding and use them to best navigate life. I keep trying and falling and failing, yet I pick myself up. It is through trial and errors that I have learned.

To live in full harmony and alignment with the intelligence immanent of our world, I see life as an adventure, a journey with many roads, twists and turns, and also dark pits and precipices with dragons (because an adventure without a dragon is boring one).

Having a map to help on the journey is a good start. It is through an unwavering dedication to truth, a genuine curiosity and a courageous heart that I was able to find the elements of the map above. It is my sincere desire that you find your map too!

If you chose to use this map on your own you could certainly navigate your own adventure with great success. All you need to know is already inside you, you have direct access to God and do not need a translator, a guide, a priest, a guru or someone to tell you what you need to do. Anything coming from outside is irrelevant. Only you can know your truth.

Los Angeles

September 22, 2022

This handbook will grow and evolve, next time you come to visit, it may be different. If you wish to contribute, your input may be the fuel of its evolution. Yet, wether you liked it or not, I’d like to know. 

For any feed-back, questions or enquiries, contact 

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