Transcending the shadow (part 3)

Knowing Ourselves Before Engaging the World

At the heart of our exploration lies the concept of prime consciousness—a wellspring of original "intelligence" from which all life emerges. This prime consciousness undergoes a journey of differentiation, giving rise to the intricate dance of unity and separation. This dualistic experience can be perceived from two divergent angles: one that views separation as a traumatic wound and another that recognizes it as a necessary precondition to relationships.


For many, the trauma of separation casts an enduring shadow upon our lives. Those unacquainted with spiritual insight encounter a profound void stemming from this perceived separation. This internal void seeks fulfillment through external avenues, compelling us to engage in a relentless pursuit to bridge the gap. Often leading to overconsumption, addictive behaviors, and compulsive actions, this external frenzy strives to mend an inner wound with outward remedies.

Conversely, those who embrace the inherent gift within existence view separation as a catalyst for connection. They intimately grasp the "Aloneness of God" and perceive life as an experimental arena—a playground offering a unique alternative to omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. Embracing imperfection as the essence of embodied life, they stand at the crossroads of shadow and gift. They understand that the path taken determines whether they act from a place of obscured shadows or from the depths of their bestowed gift. Instead of suppressing, hiding, or ignoring shadows, they wholeheartedly embrace and explore their significance.

Carl G. Jung's wisdom echoes here: "No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."

Engaging with the world while rooted in self-understanding is pivotal. Embarking on the journey of "knowing thyself" reveals our concealed shadows—the facets we often conceal or dismiss. Failing to embark on this introspective voyage results in actions dictated by these shadows, unknowingly weaving a reality that contradicts our desires.

"My place of action is more crucial than my actions themselves" resonates as the invaluable lesson I've gleaned through my 25 years in international development and humanitarian aid. Frustration stemming from a lack of resolution to fundamental issues prompted me to dig deeper. The structural challenge lay in the incomplete connection with ourselves—individually and collectively—hindering our grasp of others or the entirety with clarity. As long as we strive to aid another, we remain distant from comprehending the ultimate spiritual truth: there is no "other."

Integration of our shadows empowers us to conscientiously align our choices with our true selves. This integration liberates us from unconscious patterns, permitting the transformation of beliefs, emotions, thoughts, decisions, and actions into forms that resonate with our loftiest aspirations. This self-awareness liberates us from the limitations of shadows, paving the way for a reality that harmonizes with our authentic desires.

Interweaving belief systems, the power of manifestation, and the journey to transcend shadows converges to craft the fabric of our reality. Intentionally synchronizing beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and actions empowers us as active creators of our experiences. Engaging with the world while rooted in profound self-understanding enables us to navigate shadows, fostering a reality that harmonizes with purpose and authenticity. Through this intricate expedition, we unlock the potential to co-create a reality that reverberates with the deepest yearnings of our soul.

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Infinite Love
Los Angeles August 20, 2023