What is my life's purpose?

"We meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it."

Many individuals often inquire about their life's purpose, pondering whether they are in search of it or if they even possess one. To address this, let's begin by acknowledging that the inherent purpose of life itself is simply to be lived – there exists no other underlying rationale. Your specific purpose within this overarching life journey is to be authentically yourself.


The concept of purpose is often misconstrued as something external, an action to be pursued or an achievement to be reached. My perspective is quite different: your purpose is fundamentally to embody your true self. When you are entirely authentic, your actions naturally flow from your being, and outcomes emerge organically. It's not about actively seeking a purpose; rather, it's about being so completely yourself that your actions are a direct reflection of your true nature.

"The one who looks outside is dreaming, the one who looks inside awakens"

This realization underscores the idea that your purpose is not a distant destination to reach, but a state of being to embrace. Your actions in the world are a direct consequence of you authentically existing within it. In essence, your sole purpose is to live your life to the fullest.

Now, you might argue, "But I am already myself!" Indeed, you are yourself, but only to the extent that you comprehend and are aware of your own essence. There exists a potential for a larger, more expansive version of yourself that you may not have yet explored. While you remain confined within the boundaries of your current self-concept, you may experience a persistent longing for something more significant, a belief that there is a grander purpose or achievement awaiting you.

The transformation begins within; external changes only occur when you introspect. We have little to no control over external circumstances, but we do possess a certain capacity to master our inner world. It's crucial to understand that our inner emotional state is not simply a reaction to external events; our external circumstances are also shaped by our internal state. One can choose to be either a victim of circumstances (thus crafting a victim narrative) or a creator of a masterful story, influencing their environment through the cultivation of an empowered inner state – this is true mastery.

In the state of being a creator, the more intimately you understand your true self, the clearer your actions become, and the easier it becomes to discern your path. Consequently, your life's purpose emerges as your actions evolve into expressions of your authentic self.

"If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's." 

The point of life is to be an adventure, if you already know where it goes that is not an adventure, a cruise at best.


All quotes from Carl G. Jung

Los Angeles, September 23, 2023